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The Best Online Dating Cartoons

Online dating is becoming more and more of a popular subject for cartoonists. As a result we present the following links to what we view as the best online dating cartoons on the Internet::


1) The Girl I Didn't Meet Online
Online dating is the number one way that singles are meeting these days. This cartoon flips that as a guy tells a girl how he'll fondly remember her....

See "The Girl I Didn't Meet Online"


2) Taking Longer than I Thought
Many online daters have faced the frustration of going awhile without getting a date. That's the case with this guy in this online dating cartoon published by Online Dating Magazine..

See the "Taking Longer than I Thought" Cartoon


3) Tall, Dark, and Handsome
Many online daters have had a situation where the person they met didn't meet their description or match the picture. This is one of those times in this cartoon published by Online Dating Magazine.

See the "Tall, Dark, and Handsome" Cartoon


4) I Like Guys in Bands
This "Clicking Together" cartoon from the Online Dating Newsletter explores what happens when someone meets your profile criteria, but in a different way than expected..

See the "I Like Guys in Bands" Cartoon


5) Online Dating Isn't Superficial
This was the first of 20 "Clicking Together" cartoons presented by the Online Dating Newsletter. It shows the "double standard" some online daters have saying one thing, but showing another with their actions..

See the "Online Dating Isn't Superficial" Cartoon