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The Best Online Dating Experiences

For some online dating is extremely successful and for others online dating causes them to go back into the offline dating world. Here are some of the best online dating experiences (positive and negative) that people have shared online::


1) IDate - My Venture into Online Dating
This is a really interesting experience, split into six parts by a student at the University of Toronto. He did the series for BlogUT, a blog for and by students of UOT. The posts outline his experience with LavaLife, PlentyOfFish, and even HotOrNot. He includes detailed images, including one of his actual LavaLife profile. It's definitely worth a read.

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2) Perfection Does Not Guarantee Success
A reader of Online Dating Magazine shared his in-depth experience and thoughts about online dating. He says one of the main problems with online dating is the number of dates a person sets up, making it hard for someone to even think about committing, because they are always thinking about the next date with another person.

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3) From Marriage to Online Dating
A female from California shares her experiences, after divorce, in reentering the world of dating - this time online. Her experience is shared in a four different parts and includes some rather interesting stories... like the guy who wanted to move in with her after only the second date.

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4) My Online Dating Experience
A female blogs about how she joined and met a guy who emailed her to describe what their perfect first date would be like. She emailed back with her version of what the first date would actually be like. It's an entertaining read..

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5) I'm Still Married
Research shows that up to 30% of online daters are still married, but posing as single. This online dating experience comes from a female living in Oregon who met a guy online only to find out after the first date that he was still married..

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