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The Best Online Dating Humor

Dating can be stressful and laughter can be calming. Therefore a nice mix of the two is important. We looked for the best online dating humor and funny dating stories we could find and came up with some that are good for a few smiles:


1) Funniest Profile Header Messages
When you search profiles on an online dating service, many allow you to put a one-sentence header to grab someone's attention. Some people put unworthy boring stuff like "hi" or "I might be the one for you", but others are a lot more creative... and funny..

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2) God Will Provide
A couple that met on a religious online dating service decide to get married, so the girl takes the boy home to meet the family. Of course, the family wants to make sure that their daughter's future is taken care of, so the dad questions the boy... The joke was published by the Online Dating Newsletter in 2004.

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3) Roses for my Online Date
When Jeff met Ann, via an online dating service, he knew it was something special and could be the relationship he had always looked for. So for her birthday he decided to buy her one rose for every year of her life. There was only one problem.....

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4) Funny Dating Quotes
The Online Dating News Blog has gathered together some funny dating quotes, including two by Jay Leno that include eHarmony and Comedian Mike Binder also shares the first thing his girlfriend of two years started nagging him about.

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5) 10 Things Not to Say When Meeting the Parents
Your online dating experience has been successful and there are potential wedding bells in the future for you and your partner. So your partner takes you to meet the parents. There are definitely things you shouldn't say to the parents when you meet them for the first time....

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