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The Best Online Dating Industry Articles

The online dating industry is a billion dollar industry with heavy competition. According to Online Dating Magazine, there are more than 3,000 online dating services. Online Dating Magazine sees an average of two new online dating services opening up every day with 99.9% of them failing. Below are some of the best articles that give you insight into the online dating industry::


1) So... You Wanna Start an Online Dating Service...
In 2006, Online Dating Magazine's Inside the Industry column published an article directed at those thinking of starting an online dating service. The article tries to put the reality of starting an online dating service into perspective. With a failure rate of more than 99% for online dating services, people need to research before acting. Just over a year after it was originally published, a followup was also published since the failure rate hadn't decreased:

Read So You Wanna Start and Online Dating Service | Read the Followup Article


2) Media Misrepresenting Online Dating Services
This commentary, in the Online Dating Industry Journal, takes a closer look at how the media is misrepresenting the online dating industry by some of the articles it publishes and the way it lumps verticle industries all into one category..

Read Media Misrepresenting Online Dating Services


3) Branding Brilliance
For an online dating service to succeed, it must go beyond advertising, customer service, and marketing in order to brand itself. Branding is one of the most overlooked, yet vital, aspects of becoming a successful business. The Branding Brilliance article takes a look at two cases and the affect each had with online dating service branding.

Read Branding Brilliance | Read an Editorial on Negative Branding


4) Just Saying No to the Dating Industry
This in-depth New York Times article takes a closer look at the dating industry and its progression, and the different avenues it encompasses.

Read Just Saying No to the Dating Industry


5) Online Dating Concerns and Solutions
This article, from the Inside the Online Dating Industry column, takes a closer look at some research that spells concern for online dating services and what online dating services can do to improve their image.

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