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The Best Online Dating Research

When it comes to online dating research and surveys, some groups do it better than others. Here are some of the most interesting and/or comprehensive research studies we've seen done about online dating::


1) What Makes You Click? Analysis of Online Dating
It's not the most recent research, but in 2004,Günter J. Hitsch and Ali Hortaçsu of the University of Chicago and Dan Ariely of MIT put out an in-depth research paper on online dating matches. It studied what makes you click one profile or another and why one person may receive 10 emails and another person only three.

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2) Online Dating Research Abstract
In 2005, Keynote put out a research abstract about online daters and their experience with online dating services. Yahoo! Personals scored well in the survey via many categories (that's part of the reeason they are ranked #2 in our Top 5 Online Dating Services section.. The study is a good read not only for online daters, but also for online dating industry executives.

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3) More Online Dating Stigma in the Media
Stigma associated with online dating is still alive today and the media aren't helping to make it disappear. In "More Online Dating Stigma in the Media", Dr. James Houran examines online dating research, the way it was conducted, and how the reporting of it contributes to the online dating stigma.

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4) Many Men and Women Lie in Profiles
Online daters are often bewildered when they show up on a date and the person is heavier than they indicated or looks six years older than their picture. It happens more often than many think according to research by Cornell University that found that the majority of online daters lie about something on their profile.

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5) Online Daters More Confident Than Offline Daters
One of the more interesting research studies done about online dating came from the Tickle Research Group, which in 2004 found that online daters were more confident than offline daters. The study shed many stigmas and in some ways even reversed them so that offline daters were the ones looking more desparate, less confident, and more flustered.

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