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The Best Funny Online Dating Videos

One of the great things about the Internet is the ability for users to create and upload content, including funny online dating videos. Here are some of the best funny dating videos and spoofs that we've found::


1) Spec Commercial
When a director/producer wants to break into the ad industry, he creates what is called a "spec commercial" to show off his or her talents. Since the commercials for demonstration purposes, they aren't aired on TV. However, many spec commercials are just as good (if not better) than the ones on TV. This video is an actual spec commercial for It's short, but does a great job of showing what could happen when a guy tries to use romantic words to help pick up a girl and win her heart.

View Spec Commercial


2) Eve Harmony
This video traces the roots of online dating all the way back to "the beginning". It is a spoof of eHarmony, but done with the first couple ever on Earth - Adam and Eve. Has Eve found the "apple" of her dreams? Or were there really any other options? This spoof answers that question and more....

View Eve Harmony'


3) eHarmony Commercial Spoof - eHarmonize
This is the most visited video on Online Dating Magazine ; a spoof of eHarmony's well-known commercials. Only in this case, these "eHarmize" couples start out happy in the commercials until their irritations come to the forefront. Don't let this spoof scare you away from the online dating scene!

View eHarmony Commercial Sppof - eHarmonize


4) How to Write Your Online Profile
The UK division of, put together several funny "how to" videos on different subjects of online dating. Their best one is "How to Write Your Online Profile" which uses humor to provide real-world tips on creating a better profile to attract attention... Nothing like using a SCRABBLE board to create your online dating headline...

View How to Write Your Online Dating Profile


5) eMatch - The Perfect Date
This video is quirky and it's amazing that someone went through so much effort to create it. The video is a "mini-movie" of a girl named Sarah who wants her female roommate to meet her new online date. Sarah really likes the guy - Mark - who she met through eMatch that uses more than 554 dimensions to match people (took her several days to fill out the profile). But she just knows that this latest guy, Mark, is "the one".

View eMatch - The Perfect Date